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Our Veterinary Team

Learn more about the amazing veterinary team at St. Francis Animal Clinic below.

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Meet our team!

Our Veterinary Team at St. Francis Animal Clinic is here to provide the best veterinary care for your pets. Meet our veterinary team below!

Dr. Anna
Dr. Anna Skorobohacz, DVM
Dr. Anna’s love for all species began at a young age while playing outdoors with her treasured bug box. This undoubtedly sparked her fascination with ticks and all other parasites found on dogs and cats. In the hospital, you’ll often find Dr. Anna in a surgical cap and mask, pursuing her passion for soft tissue surgery and dentistry. When you are visiting St. Francis for a dental exam, please be aware that Dr. Anna gets unreasonably excited by teeth! Aside from her life in the veterinary world, Dr. Anna is an enthusiastic birder and has had the opportunity to go birding in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, the Bahamas, and China. The number one bird she hopes to see in her lifetime is the endangered Whooping Crane. Dr. Anna spends the whole year planning for her two favourite holidays, Halloween and Christmas and sings out of key Christmas carols to her husband and two cats. Dr. Anna is excited to have the opportunity to meet you and your furry friends!
Dr. Meredith
Dr. Meredith Murphy, DVM
Dr. Meredith began practicing in Halton and Waterloo Regions before partnering with Dr. Anna to join St. Francis Animal Clinic in 2021. Her desire for building and strengthening the human-animal bond developed during her adolescent years working at a petting zoo on a local apple farm. This laid the groundwork for so many of her life adventures which included: working with conservation teams in Botswana (Africa), studying endangered dolphins off the coast of China, and wrangling horses in the Colorado mountains. Dr. Murphy’s love for animals and their ability to vastly enrich the human experience is what drew her to a career in Veterinary medicine. She is proud to be a member of such a welcoming and inclusive team in a constantly diversifying community. In the hospital, you’ll likely meet Dr. Meredith in the exam room, where she enjoys internal medicine and working to keep your pet healthy. A bark or meow might not tell her where your pet is ailing, but their other secretions might! Don’t be surprised if Dr. Meredith asks you to bring in a stool sample with you to your next appointment.
Michelle, (Registered Veterinary Technician)
Michelle is your ultimate cat fanatic. Whether it’s an actual cat or just cat-like decor, you will always find some sort of feline in each room of her house. If you bring in a new kitten, Michelle will be embarrassingly excited to be a part of your appointment. Michelle has a keen interest in the anesthesia portion of being an RVT. She loves to ensure your pet is safe and secure while undergoing surgery. Michelle also specializes in extreme reorganizing! …just ask the rest of the staff at St. Francis about her impressive skills! Outside of the hospital, you can find Michelle snuggling with one or all of her three cats, finding the next adventurous trail with her cattle dog, or simply looking for the next room in her house she can redecorate (without her husband noticing).
Bonnie, (Veterinary Technician)

Bonnie is our St. Francis veteran. She has the answers to any clinic-related questions, whether it be a certain protocol or a missing item at the back of a cupboard. Bonnie has been through the trenches at St. Francis Animal Clinic and is truly a foundational member of our team. Every clinic needs a superhero and Bonnie is ours! She comes each day with her trusty sidekick Penny, her beloved Boston Terrier. Outside of the hospital, Bonnie loves traveling, having visited Egypt and Greece, with plans to visit many other places as soon as she can. At home, you may find her at the computer playing online games such as World of Warcraft. Stay on her good side or she may cast a spell on you!

Amy, (Registered Veterinary Technician)
Aside from being an RVT, Amy is your wannabe Disney princess. Walk into her castle and you’ll find a Disney theme in every room. She is currently unable to provide an exact number of how many times she has visited Disney World but knows it’s been more than a few… Amy has two of her own sweet
princesses at home, Arielle and Aeris, and loves baking for them. Amy loves to spend time with her family, going for walks, or attending weekend getaways. She is also a cat fanatic and has four cats of her own, Caura, Mischief, Ladybug, and Dovahkiin. When Amy isn’t busy with her princesses, you’ll find her playing video games such as Mario and Chrono Trigger.
Ellie, (Customer Service Representative)
You may not see Ellie on a regular basis at St. Francis, but you’ll always be greeted with a smile when you do! Ellie is currently attending University of Guelph in the Bio-Medical Sciences program while she works towards applying to Veterinary School. If Ellie isn’t grinning from ear to ear, she likely is in the midst of an exam week. However she is almost always cheered up by your sweet fur babies coming through the front door. When she isn’t studying or working Ellie can be found at home gaming with her dog, Benny, the Golden Retriever, by her side.
Ava, (Customer Service Representative)

Ava is one of our reception superstars. You can find her navigating through numerous records, phone calls, and e-mails while tending to your furry friends! She will certainly greet you with her beaming smile and bubbly personality. Ava has decided she loves the vet industry so much that her goal is to become a Veterinary Technician, which we are in full support of! When Ava is not rocking it at work, you can find her walking her dogs or mini horses along the trails at home or playing the occasional volleyball game. Ava is a pro at spiking, bumping, and volleying from all her time playing in high school and competitively. If you happen to see Ava at the clinic, ask her about her recent trip to Costa Rica, she’ll be happy to tell you all about it as she loves travelling! Ava also is a fancy lady and doesn’t have any ordinary rock collection. She loves to collect and learn about all the health properties of crystals. Recent inventory revealed she has hundreds!

Stephanie, (Customer Service Representative)

Aside from being a fantastic receptionist, Steph is your ultimate adventurer. She loves kayaking, snowboarding, camping, soccer and so much more! She is always on the go, keeping active. Being the outdoorsy woman that she is, she is required to have a booming voice that travels far and wide. Therefore the next time you’re in the clinic and hear a boisterous voice, it is likely Steph! She has THE bubbliest personality and can turn a frown upside down as fast as you can say “Duke”. Duke is Steph’s dog and also, her other dog! Steph loves the name so much that she just had to use it twice. All jokes aside, there was already a Duke in the household when they happened to adopt a rescue with the name Duke. Next time you’re in the clinic, you’ll be greeted with the biggest and brightest smile, Steph will make sure of that.

Penny, St. Francis Patrol Officer

On your next visit to St. Francis, be sure to keep an eye out for a little Boston patrolling the hallways. Penny was originally just Bonnie’s fur baby (and sidekick), but she has now been officially hired as the St. Francis patrol officer. She ensures all patients, clients, and staff are always on their best behaviour. When Penny is off duty, she enjoys long walks—on the beach or otherwise—as well as keeping warm by basking in the sun or laying in front of the fireplace at home; however, she will settle for a nice knit blanket or a fashionable pink sweater if neither are available!